Making beautiful things out of Montana rocks.

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Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist when we grow up.
— Pablo Picasso

Making functional art with rocks is our attempt at being a grown up artist. It is not a job, it is an experience. We explore our mountains doing our best to find beautiful rocks. We do not grab the first rocks that we see, and this means that every piece of art is unique

Our functional Rock Art currently includes Rock Candles, Rock Tables, and Rock Clocks. We also have some new Rock projects that we will be introducing soon.  

Rock Candles:

We understand that we are not the first people to make these, but the one we provide are more colorful, unique, and have more character than anything else that is available. The rocks we use are handpicked, and the candles are handmade in our shop. The rocks come in many shapes, sizes, & candles- which means each one is unique. They have fiberglass wicks that will burn for years and they provide hours of relaxation and enjoyment. The can be used indoors and outdoors, and the candles are designed to use lamp oil, scented oil, or citronella (if used outdoors to keep the bugs away). 

Rock Tables:

Our Rock Tables combine the elements of rocks, aged wood and rusty metal. They are handmade and available in a variety of sizes and heights. Similar table sets can also be made. These Rock Tables look incredible in a home, office, or even on a lanai. 

Rock CLocks:

We take a rock and make a clock out of it. Each one is a unique work of art that is not only beautiful, but also functional. Choose between ones that have numbers or without. The Rock Clocks can be hung on the wall or displayed on a stand. 



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About Us



Being a part of the Montana Rock Design team is not a job, but a wonderful experience. My office is not a building with fluorescent lights, a desk and computer. It is the great outdoors. Often, while I am working, I stop what I am doing, take a deep breath, listen to the sounds and absorb the beauty that surrounds me. My desire is to share this beauty by creating unique functional art for our friends all over the world. Thank you very much for supporting us.


Ani Mcginness- Creative director/Office Momager

As Creative Director, Ani believes in enjoying the energy that comes with helping others create their best work. Ani also works closely with all aspects of the team here at MRD to ensure things are working as they should (that’s where the MOMager part comes in).

Favorite Quote: Hakuna Matata
Slightly addicted to kombucha, macaroons, dim sum, & Pinterest
Ideal Escape: A private island getaway with her own butler & chef
Ani hopes to one day create produce her own brand of Tequila




John's position and duties may be the most fun yet challenging here at MRD. John has a keen eye for detail. He will search for hours and climb many mountains and hills only to select the most uniquely shaped and beautiful rocks for our products. 

During his down time, John has mastered the art of Shavasana and practices this difficult yoga pose as often as possible
He enjoys playing lacrosse and golf
John has perfected the soup slur


Elena Nikolaeva- Adventure Photographer

Montana Rock Design gives me an opportunity to think creatively about nature, and combine my love for outdoors with a desire to practice crafting. It also allows me to explore spectacular Montana mountains with all their mystery and beauty, while we look for unique rocks for our products. Then I help making some fun gifts and bring joy to other people. Besides photography and various activities outside, I like squirrels, bunnies, wildflowers and ice-cream.

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